Extracurricular activities

For the students who find the basic school curriculum deficient, the school offers a wide range of  extracurricular activities, subject trips, contests and workshops.

Those artistically gifted may find their place in The School Drama Club, The “Unisono” Choir or take part in Oxford Debates, the Annual Christmas Carols Contest, Visual Art Contests and Poetry and Declamatory Contests.

Students who have aptitude for languages regularly attend lectures and workshops at Jagiellonian University and Pedagogical University in Cracow.

With the language teachers’ help they can also prepare for numerous language contests, projects and declamatory contests.

Students interested in science may attend faculty classes in Geography, Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Physics where they practise and extend their knowledge, testing skills and carry out various experiments. They also attend abundant workshops, lectures and interactive events at  Jagiellonian University, Pedagogical University, University of Science and Technology and many others.

There are regular subject trips comprising workshops in Planetarium, workshops with academics and mountain guides in various mountain ranges in Poland, four day geography trips to The  Baltic Coast, Lower Silesia, Bieszczady Mountains  and  Piast Dynasty Trail ( I kings’ dynasty in Poland) where students commune with the history, geography and culture of these regions.

The School Chess Club gathers those who are passionate about logical and strategic thinking.

Physical Education teachers are in charge of students who are keen on cross country running, volleyball, alpine skiing, snowboarding, cycling and swimming. They organize school contests, and train students for interschool contests.

For mountain trekkers there awaits a place in The School Mountain Club, where they can plan weekend trips with PE or Geography teacher.