School exchanges

For the past three years students from our school have participated in week long meetings and workshops in The International Integration and Reconciliation Centre in Krzyżowa.

Krzyżowa is a place where a historic reconciliatory handshake between political leaders from Poland and Germany took place in 1989.  There our students meet youngsters from Rabka’s partnership town Murhard from Germany. In the workshops they learn about their national identities, cultural  similarities and differences, define their national identities, go together through our difficult war and post-war history, visit German concentration camp in Gross Rosen, talk about Polish and German national identity and ,in the meanwhile, tie bonds of friendship and practice their English and German language skills.

Currently, since November we have been carrying out an exchange  project with a secondary school from French partnership town-Chateau Gontier. Twenty seven students from our school have been involved in this cross-cultural enterprise with a view to making new acquaintances, improving communication skills, widening their knowledge about the French people and the region. We exchange information via e-mails and on a digital platform about our school, our towns and the regions from the viewpoint of history, geography, culture and customs. As the capstone of our work both sides are planning mutual exchange visits.