Subjects and class section

The subjects taught in our school are: Polish, English, German, Russian, History, Geography, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Science, Cultural Education, Physical Education, Information Technology, Religion, Safety Education, Business Education. In addition to standard courses in all school subjects, students have the opportunity to choose the class in which different subjects are studied at a higher level. This enables them to acquire knowledge and develop the specific skills required for their future academic and career plans.

Class with extended curriculum in Mathematics, Physics, Geography, and English

The emphasis is put on developing such skills as logical thinking, abstract reasoning, problem solving, data collection and analysis, and field work. Bearing in mind that in today’s world of rapid technological change, the demand for mathematical skills is increasing, Mathematics is regarded as a core subject in our school. The school can be proud of its skilled students who participate in numerous competitions which guarantee the entry to the most prestigious Polish Universities. Furthermore, the school prides itself on the geography classroom with its rich collection of minerals, and physics classroom where Physics is made real to the students by hands-on working with the equipment. Students are introduced to the research into issues that impact the world around us and are encouraged to develop a passion for exploration. The extended subjects in this class lead into a wide range of future academic and career options.

Humanities Class with extended curriculum in Polish Literature and Art, Languages, History, and Social Sciences

The extended curriculum in this class takes students on a journey to uncover how people and events have shaped the society around us. The skills developed through this curriculum include, but are not limited to, reading comprehension, writing, and effective communication. Polish Literature and Art gives students the opportunity to read a wide range of Polish and international literature, as well as to get acquainted with various forms of artistic creativity. History, which embraces history of Poland, Europe and the rest of the world, aims to develop in students an understanding of the past and its influence on the present. Social Sciences equip students with the knowledge concerning political systems, government and non-government organizations, legislation and social policies. The school cooperates with the faculty of American Studies at the Jagiellonian University and the faculty of History and Material Culture of English Speaking Countries at the Pedagogical University in Cracow. Thanks to this cooperation students have an opportunity to participate in a wide array of lectures and workshops led by prominent academics. Many of the graduates from these classes decide to study law, journalism, or political studies.

  Science Class with extended curriculum in Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematics

Students are acquainted with science education in  an empirical context. The school features well-equipped chemistry and biology labs where students can conduct various experiments, observe life under a microscope and learn scientific methods of enquiry. Science is key to a wide variety of career choices and many of the students go on to study scientific based disciplines, including medical studies, pharmacy, biotechnology.

IT Class with extended curriculum in Mathematics, English and IT Vocational Education

Students in this class apart from standard secondary school curriculum have IT vocational subjects and take vocational examinations, which test their theoretical and practical knowledge in such areas as programming, database administration, and computer networks. These certificates provide for the eligibility to work as self-reliant It technicians. Students have at their disposal modern computer labs equipped with specialized technological devices. Each year students take part in two-week internships in various IT companies where they can gain their first work experience in an area of their interest. Endowed with theoretical and practical IT skills many of the students go on to study Computer Science or Engineering.

Foreign languages

As foreign languages help the chances of entry into college and university, as well as vastly improving the employment potential, there is a great emphasis on studying languages in our school. English is a compulsory subject for every student in the school. Students come to the secondary school with their English at A2 or B1 levels and complete the school with respectively B2 and C1 levels. In addition to English, students can also choose German or Russian as their second language. Foreign language classes are divided into smaller groups based on the students’ fluency level. This enables students to work more efficiently and allows teachers to monitor students’ performances more closely. Language classes improve pupils’ social skills, communication and confidence, and makes them more open-minded to other people and cultures.

Physical Education

Recognising the impact that sport has on students’ health, PE lessons feature high on the agenda in the school. In the sports hall students play various team sports, including volleyball, basketball and handball, and those more adventurous have the opportunity to practice and  and improve their agility and strength on the school climbing wall under care of an experienced teacher and coach. In winter students develop their skating skills on the ice rink, and improve their skiing abilities on the skiing slopes in the nearby areas. Our talented students represent the school in numerous sports competitions, including Rev. Prof. Józef Tischner’s Memorial in Alpine skiing.