History of our school

The Second Secondary School in Rabka-Zdrój was established on 1st September, 1991. Nevertheless, the origins of our school date back to distant, pre-war period. At that time, there was a private school for girls which provided its students with secondary education. The school was sited in Słoneczna Street in Rabka. The outbreak of the Second World War interfered with education in Poland and it was not until the post-war times when the school was reactivated in a new form. In 1945, Pre-school Teachers College started to operate on the premises of the former, pre-war scecondary school for girls. Over the years, the college transformed and changed its name due to the modifications in the school system. Finally, in 1985, it turned into The Teachers College. Owing to high standards of education offered by the college, it quickly gained recognition across the region. College graduates, who were perceived as professionally qualified teaching staff, carved out their careers in kindergartens, schools and sanatorium schools.

In 1991, educational system underwent major alterations. As a result, teachers training schools ceased to exist. On the grounds of these changes The Teachers College, which boasted its long history and local recognition, was transformed into The Second Secondary School in Rabka-Zdrój. The changes also involved the school premises. The school, which was originally sited in Słoneczna Street, has now been relocated to 9 Kościuszki Street where it has remained up to these days.

In 2002, further changes occured. IT Secondary Technical School was established and, alongside The Second Secondary School, it became the part of The Complex of Secondary Schools in Rabka-Zdrój. The transformation was initiated and supervised by the headmistress Mrs Irena Jaworska, who has held office since the school started to operate in 1991.

In the course of time, both the school and its grounds have been smartened up. The interior of the building has been refurbished and likewise the exterior has been extended and modernized. Our headmistress’ endeavours to maintain the style and modern image of the school are the finest examples of enterprise and devotion.

The supportive District Council in Nowy Targ helped to transform a former children’s hospital into a fully equipped, modernized educational institution. School labs have been furnished and supplied with teaching resources and multimedia, enabling students to achieve educational objectives.

In 2008, the school received its Banner and was named after Professor Józef Tischner, an eminent Polish priest and philosopher. These events were of great significance in the history of our school. The pedagogical principles centre around the values popularised by Józef Tischner, which contritutes to the integration of the school community.

The school’s educational offer is an issue of the highest priorty. In addition to following the core curriculum, students are offered to choose subjects at an extended level (these are: Mathematics, Polish, English, History, Geography, Physics, Chemistry and Biology). The educational offer is created with proper care and special attention is paid to students’ interests and needs, as well as the requirements of students’ academic future and the demands of the labour market. Our school is also the place where talents are spotted and developed. Young people can enjoy numerous opportunities to attend thematic meetings, workshops and lectures at universities, which help them to consolidate and broaden their knowledge. Therefore, aspirations for academic future seem to be a natural course of events for our graduates.

Józef Tischner Complex of Secondary Schools in Rabka-Zdrój has built up a considerable reputation due to the fact that many of its graduates are accepted by prestigious universities, where they continue their studies in fields of medicine, humanities or technical studies. Such achievements are the result of the combined efforts of students along with their parents as well as the dedicated teaching staff. All these factors and the unique atmosphere of the place alike, create  favourable conditions for the teaching and learning process. Therefore, year after year the school enjoys  growing popularity with  potential students.